CocoShea Spray

Nourishes, softens and boosts shine Hydrates the hair shaft Seals –in moisture Helps protect against weather damage
Moisturizes the scalp Concentrated and easy to use. Spray into palms and massage into hair. May be used as a leave in treatment, as a companion product for twisting, or for general daily hair care and maintenance’

use as follow

It’s best to spray the CocoShea Spray into the palms first, and then massage it throughout the hair. Spraying directly on your hair can cause the oils to land as droplets and result in an excessive deposit of the natural oils.
Some ladies love to use it along with the Twist Defining Cream for twists and twist-outs.
Use CocoShea Spray whenever you would normally use Shea Butter and/or Coconut Oil. The submicronization of the oils makes them penetrate your strands more readily and smooth on along the cuticles in a nice thin, even, shiny layer.

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