Novex My Curls Conditioner


The Novex My Curls Conditioner moisturizes and nourishes your hair, resulting in soft and shiny hair full of movement. With a mix of 7 Nutri functional oils and cranberry, the salt-free formula is responsible for all the strength and nutrition your curls need. This keeps it soft, without fluffing and with a radiant shine. The products from the Novex My Curls line have been specially developed for curly hair and they are all free from Parabens.

Apply the Novex My Curls Conditioner to clean washed hair. Apply only to the lengths of your hair. Avoid the scalp and roots. Then rinse the product well and style your hair as desired.

– Suitable for curly hair
– Contains 7 oils
– Anti-lint
– Provides curl activation & shine
– Free from parabens


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